Mark W. Lerner

Mark W. Lerner, head of the firm’s Employment Practices and Litigation Group, has been recognized as a top practitioner by Chambers USA in the area of Labor and Employment Law. In 2017, Mark won a jury trial as lead counsel for Douglas Elliman Realty against a competitor and a disloyal former manager, including winning an award of punitive damages.

A former federal prosecutor, Mark regularly tries cases, but that capability and the threat it implies enables him often to resolve cases early. He focuses his practice on advice and litigation relating to non-competition agreements, employee raiding and lift-outs, discrimination and harassment claims on behalf of management, theft of company information, executive compensation disputes, terminations and lay-offs, and wage and hour actions.

Saving firms or non-profits from existential internal threats, Mark also conducts major and comprehensive internal investigations of employee wrongdoing and advocates with District Attorneys’ offices, the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s offices, the FBI, FINRA and the Department of Labor.

In the industries of apparel, energy, financial services, hedge funds, private equity, real estate brokerage, development and management, print and television media, philanthropy and many others, Mark has mastered the industry’s employment structures and issues, making him a quick study.