Your Development

Kasowitz is committed to developing the professional skills of our lawyers.  We believe professional development is an investment in our most valuable resource – our lawyers.


We believe in a hands-on approach to training and understand that lawyering skills are typically developed from on-the-job experiences.  Our associates work directly with experienced attorneys who provide ongoing feedback and guidance.

In addition to informal training, significant formal training is also provided.  Training programs focus on ‘best practices’ and all phases of a litigation.  Our training curriculum provides each lawyer with a toolkit of skills to utilize while developing into a seasoned lawyer.

Professional Development

Kasowitz supports the professional development and success of our lawyers.  All associates, counsel and staff attorneys receive an annual performance review, providing an opportunity to discuss career advancement, assignments and key milestones.  Reviewing partners provide significant feedback, which is encouraged throughout the year. 

The firm provides opportunities for our lawyers to attend professional conferences and networking receptions hosted by various legal organizations.


The firm hosts numerous in-house CLE courses throughout the year.  Lawyers are encouraged to attend presentations of interest.  Our courses offer exposure to various elements of the legal practice.  We encourage lawyers of all experience levels to contribute to the training curriculum by preparing and presenting courses. 

Kasowitz also has a “Privileged Membership” with Practicing Law Institute (PLI), which allows our lawyers to access online CLE programs and earn credits at no cost. 

New Associates

Our associates who join from law school work directly with experienced partners, fostering close working relationships with both colleagues and clients.  We staff matters leanly, allowing associates to take on meaningful responsibility at an early stage in their careers.  The level of responsibility that an associate shoulders is determined by the associate’s willingness to take on greater responsibility, not by artificial or hierarchical structures found at other firms.  Associate training is hands-on, and creative and independent thinking is encouraged. 

Incoming associates participate in a series of training programs referred to as Kasowitz University, or “KU.”  KU is designed to prepare and familiarize first-year associates with all aspects of being a lawyer and litigator, while easing the transition from law school to law firm.  Programs are taught by experienced lawyers.  Topics range from writing skills and effective communication to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the litigation process.


Kasowitz offers both an incoming associate and a lateral attorney mentoring program.  These mentor programs are designed to provide guidance and direction throughout a new attorney’s first year at the firm.  Insight and resources for developing an effective mentoring relationship are provided at mentor and mentee training sessions.  Professional development programs and informal events are offered on an ongoing basis, which facilitate quality time and open discussion between mentor and mentee.